Day 7  • 
And it’s a wrap!! Cycled from LA to SF against the wind, the fires and the heat wave!! 520 miles in 7 days, cycling 6 to 10 hours per day, 66 to 97 miles per day. What an adventure: Beautiful landscapes, nice cities and country side, nice encounters with strangers, great sunrises and sunset, visit...

Carmel to Santa Cruz

Day 6  • 
Left under the ashes of the Monterey mountain fire. Nothing in between then arrived under the smoke and ashes in the Santa Cruz mountains. Was hot in the afternoon so I took my time and thought to myself “I’ll get there when I get there”. Tomorrow’s day will be a century. Last day cycling then arriv...

Day 5

Day 5  • 
Today’s pictures are “classic Big Sur”. Nonetheless stunning. Classic. I cycled 68 miles of ups and downs to arrive to Carmel valley. I am happy to have arrived as those miles are not easy. Left the camp site with no other breakfast than the loaf of olive bread given by Marcus yesterday and some dr...

Day 4

Day 4  • 
I think this was my best day of the trip so far. Prettiest, very scenic. From SLO to Plaskett Creek: 80 miles and didn’t feel them albeit the topography of twists and turns and ups and downs. Looks like I’m getting my cycling legs finally. No saddle sores. That rest day yesterday was a great idea....

Tough afternoon

Day 2  • 
The morning went well. 50 miles before noon. Cycling mostly flat areas. Pretty ones too: Ventura, Santa Barbara. talked to a few great cyclist with whom I stayed a few hours. The afternoon was different. Endless hills. High temperatures and cooking sun. Had to rest a few times in the shade to rest....

Good morning

Day 2  • 
Great morning overall. Did 50 miles before noon. I stop several times to test the drone. loved going through Santa Barbara. wind is picking up now. Gonna be a pain I can feel it. Oh well. We lo que toca.

Day 2 - start

Day 1  • 
Getting ready for day 2. Those Channel Islands on the map seem to tease me and give me ideas.... Little century in the heat. Actually GPS says it’s 97.35 miles. But I’m sure I’ll miss a turn or two. Haha. Stop in Lompoc tonight. Gonna be another hot day. 95F says forecast. Motel 6 reserved so at l...

Day 1

Day 1  • 
Started from San Fernando. Created the mapping on my wahoo GPS towards Ventura and just started paddling. It was saying that I should be done in six hours for about 50 miles. Hot temps today: 98F when I started at 1pm. After two hours, the GPS led me to a park. I was quite unsure when it pointed me...