Started from San Fernando. Created the mapping on my wahoo GPS towards Ventura and just started paddling. It was saying that I should be done in six hours for about 50 miles.

Hot temps today: 98F when I started at 1pm.

After two hours, the GPS led me to a park. I was quite unsure when it pointed me towards the dirt road that seemed to be rocky and really steep. Ok, that’s adventure for you. Let’s do it.

I was really glad I didn’t have road cycling shoes but mountain bike cycling shoes. I had decided to take them so I could walk in them and buy water and food from the stores. I didn’t think it would be tracking for 45 minutes up Hill, haha.

Apart from the temperature, everything was pretty smooth. I was sweating a lot so I was really careful to drink. Regularly and a lot.

The scenery today was not particularly great. I just have to go to the coast for it to improve.

I ended up stopping in Oxnard because the sun was going down and it was getting dark. Final count of miles is 57, which is good for a first day. Slowly getting the legs ready. Tomorrow I’ll go to Lompoc area.