I think this was my best day of the trip so far. Prettiest, very scenic. 

From SLO to Plaskett Creek: 80 miles and didn’t feel them albeit the topography of twists and turns and ups and downs. Looks like I’m getting my cycling legs finally. No saddle sores. That rest day yesterday was a great idea. 

Arrived at the campground with no reservation, and got a tent spot right away that they reserve for cyclists. Only 5$ but no shower or food. I’ll have to eat the loaf of bread that Marcus offered me on the road generously. He works for Pagnol bakery in Los Osos and stopped his car near me (as I was resting) on the road to hand me a fresh baked bread, just because he loves bikepackers. So nice!! 

Sleeping in my tent tonight is paradise. LOVE it!! Big hugs to all!