The morning went well. 50 miles before noon. Cycling mostly flat areas. Pretty ones too: Ventura, Santa Barbara.

talked to a few great cyclist with whom I stayed a few hours.

The afternoon was different. Endless hills. High temperatures and cooking sun. Had to rest a few times in the shade to rest.

my bike is heavy with my tent. My backpack is heavy with extra water and the drone.

took it as a good training. Keep positivity, rest, and try again.

In general, the road was quite dangerous. I mean, it was fine, but the passing trucks and cars at high speed are never reassuring.

At one point I had to cross a tunnel but felt I didn’t have enough room to pass safely. I went back and found a rest area. After a few tries, I convinced a woman to take me and my bike in her car in order to drop me 2 miles after! This spot is so dangerous. Thanks to her.

Another good moment was a car that stopped to ask me if I was ok and needed water, as I was resting in the shade in a big climb. Made my day.

Well. I did 95.9 miles. Feeling good. Tired. Tomorrow shorter day (56) to arrive at my friend Kellen’s home in SLO.