Today’s pictures are “classic Big Sur”. Nonetheless stunning. Classic. I cycled 68 miles of ups and downs to arrive to Carmel valley. I am happy to have arrived as those miles are not easy. 

Left the camp site with no other breakfast than the loaf of olive bread given by Marcus yesterday and some dried pineapple. Took me 50 miles to find an open place to eat! It was 11:30 when I finally found a place open, and I didn’t care how late it was, I still had my coffee that I had not taken that morning, and that was becoming an obsession to have. Haha. 

After noon, I battled quite a bit of wind. Heat was there but not felt as the refreshing ocean air took over. Finally understand what people meant when they said I was against the winds. I actually didn’t mind. I am in no hurry and I’ll get there when I get there. 

I’m here at my buddy Roman’s home and I’ll enjoy that beer.