Left 8 am from the camping site. Great to see my friend Matt who came with his tent and beers and food!

20 miles easy going and I was in downtown Sacramento. Surprised how fun it was to go through the big buildings with my kayak on the river!

Then I met Marsha who treated me with a burger and fries and ice!! Then Tom joined is and we chatted through the hottest hours of the day.

Started paddling at 1:30pm approx under hot temps. Reached the place I was supposed to sleep at the half hour after. Too soon to stop so I decided to keep going.

for the next 3 hours I couldn’t find any spot to set up camp. Fun time riding the wake of a tourist boat for a few minutes. I was against the tide (up to two foot flood and ebb) so that was great help. 4 hours after I left Downtown Sac, I was starting to wonder where I’d sleep. Sun was starting to go down so I parked on a dock and went knocking at the front door. A gentleman responded nicely that I could set up camp in his backyard, near the orchard. Alléluia!! Perfect place. Literally. Feeling so lucky.

tomorrow lots of wind. That’s another day so I’ll deal with that tomorrow. For now, deep sleep in my cozy tent in an orchard near the Sacramento River.