Well today was a mix. I was super happy to have paddled 9 hours and clocking 55+ miles. Good progress.

This being said, conditions were terrible for the heat. Finished the last 8 miles on my knees, so to speak.

Lost a screw on my rudder. Had to paddle steer for a while. Then used zip ties to fix a bit. Couldn’t find the right screw tonight so I just glued the thing. Let see how it holds up tomorrow.

Wild life: saw turtles, Kingfisher’s, many blue herons. A red tail hawk caught a bird in flight and an osprey caught a fish.

The water kept on deteriorating in quality to become filled with stuff. Didn’t really want to splash my body with it but I had to. Knights landing was the worst quality water. As the Sacramento River joined the Feather River it got instantly better.

Tomorrow is 33 miles. A bit easier than the two past days. I’m glad. Hands are ok but I start to feel the aches in the back muscles. I guess it’s normal.

hot temps tomorrow. I have plenty of water.