Today I paddled over 50 miles I believe. Felt good. Love my kayak. Even loaded with 7 days of food and sleeping gear and all, it rides well.

Woke up naturally at 5:15. Coffee and oatmeal, fold the tent and on the water at 6:30. Didn’t stop till 11:30 when I wanted a good lunch and hide from the sun. Started again at 1pm as the sun took over my shaded area. Would’ve stayed longer but the without shade I was cooking and it was better to be paddling. Splashed my head and shoulders every 4 minutes for the next 4 hours. So hot. At least the water is fresh. Water starting to get kinda dirty. Still splashing it. No other.

Saw lots of Osprey eagles. Beautiful.

Arrived at the place where I had planned to stay but it looked unappealing so I kept going. Didn’t feel like talking to random people and plant my tent near a trailer. Next 8 miles there were no options as the bank were too steep (man made) and the islands are long gone. Kept on paddling and embrace uncertainty. Found the perfect beach. Don’t know if I’m allowed but I’ll take the chance. I’ll just set up tent later not to raise suspicion. Haha.

happy about my shape. Let’s see if it hold tomorrow as well for another big mileage day. Hands fine too. No blisters and I haven’t been using gloves at all. Unsalted water is different than the ocean from that point of view.

I’d enjoy a cool beer right now... Instead I have water with electrolytes to make sure I rehydrates well.

another beautiful day. For sure.