38 miles today. Very little flow so have to push more on the paddles. It has been very hot today. Dipping my hat on the river every 5 minutes and splashing my shoulders. Drinking a lot of water with electrolytes. Didn’t stop on the shore to eat lunch so could put more miles in. Wildlife: white pelicans, Balt eagles, jack rabbits and many deers.

did I mention it was hot??? Argh.

filled up my 3 bladders so I have 9 liters with me. Food for 7 days so kayak feels super heavy.

found this super cute beach to sleep tonight. It’s paradise. Let’s cook some freeze dried meal and cut a bit of that saucisson. Yum.

Tomorrow I have to do 54 miles so I’ll get started early to enjoy the fresh Hours.

I’m not feeling any aches physically yet so I’m pretty happy about my training that is showing good results.

Enjoying the Sac river very much. Why didn’t I do this earlier!!