Another beautiful day on the river. Many rapids but nothing crazy. Saw many turkey vultures and several Balt eagles and many deers (one swam across the river in front of us). Did 18 miles this morning and 20 this afternoon. The canyons before Red Bluff were amazing. We even saw real cowboys waking up and packing Camp. The river changed a lot from yesterday. It widened and got deeper so we feel like we are making less progress. Less flow at times when the river is really wide. Still totaled 38 miles so that’s a good day. It was starting to get hot so we stopped on an island to swim in the cold river and take a 15 minutes mini nap. Overall a great day on the river. Feeling lucky.

Today was a special day for me as it was the day I was supposed to start the ocean crossing from Monterey. The pandemic had other plans. Couldn’t help but think of that all day though: I wouldn’t be on the river, but on the ocean!!!

that’s life. Let’s enjoy today. Love you all!