Left this morning at 6am. I knew the winds were going to pick up.

(was awakened at 4:38am by a tractor spraying the orchard right near my tent. Like 20 feet.... but that’s too long a story to tell here).

managed to do 20 miles to Rio Vista, with the tide but against the wind, when the winds started to go to 30 knots. It was planned to have gusts at 50 for this afternoon so I wanted to reach my destination ASAP.

It’s 11:40am as I write this blog. My rudder situation got bad again. The super glue I had put on the axis broke off and I can’t steer anymore. It needs real repair: stainless steel rod and slow curing epoxy.

I couldn’t steer anymore so paddle steering was to be done, but getting harder and harder with the wind and swell. Not safe. I don’t like that. I need to stop. Safety first.

As I decided to stop on the next safe place, I passed the coast guard station of Rio Vista.

Masks on, i explained to them my situation and they confirmed winds of 30 knots for the next too days, gusts 50. He told me that was even unsafe for them to go out as their boats are made for 25knots and max 6 foot waves. he advised me to stop and for sure against going back to the river for the next 2-3 days. I agree.

i called 3 camp grounds around here and they are all closed due to coved 19.

i have no other solution than having a friend (Marc thanks) come pick me up. It’s like 2 hours to come here from Sausalito.

Plan is to go home. Drop the kayak to John Dye, the repair guru, and wait for the winds to die. Come back Monday to drop the kayak where I left off and finish the adventure.

Safety first.