Yesterday morning got dressed in full gear, prepared to paddle. Went out and emptied the water in the cockpit and assessed the waves for 15 minutes. It was the same as I had left it the day before so I felt it was the safest option to remain in the cabin on the large sea anchor. Good news is that my drift was perfectly headed toward the days waypoint.

So a rest day it was. First one in a month.

Spent the day resting, resting and resting some more. Slept a little. Stretch. Eat. Make water. Turn around. Turn around. Watch Seinfeld. Close my eyes. Look at waves. Wake up because waves are crashing over Valentine. Couldn't open the windows because of the waves and the stuffed air sucks. Oh well. Thats how it is.

Today is the first day of the last 2/3rds. East wind 1st time!