Today we wake up again with a nice sunrise. Rested well. Max still got a bit cold but the extra layer I gave him helped.

Flow isn't that fast today as the river widens and deepens. We have 32 miles to do. I hope we can make it around 1pm because we still have quite a bit of driving to go home to our families.

There are some stretches of the river that are a bit sketchy with more and more trees stuck in the middle of the river. At one point, we decide at the last minute to pull out and go see by foot. That was definitely the good choice as the river could've been dangerous in the blind turn and fast waters, filled with trees and trunks.

The river is beautiful with its autumn colors. Love to see the animals. Birds in particular.

These 3 days were very peaceful and we both, Max and I, needed them. So good to connect to nature and together. Let's do this again soon!