Took off this morning at 6h30, me and my friend Roman in OC1. We were watching the fog and see if it was going to lift before our departure. As it was not moving, we assessed the situation and decided to go ahead. We had 2 GPS with the right track so that wasn't an issue. We also had a VHF and a phone for safety.

Left Santa Cruz under the sun but soon got bathed into the thick fog, that would last for 4 hours.

Got sea sick right at half way, due to the rolling seas and no horizon. Vomited after 2h30 from departure. Not pleasant. Felt kinda weak the rest of the crossing. Vomited again at 4h30, with one hour to go.

The wind started to pick up in the end, just to let us finish with a bit of surfing!

Crossing took 5h47. Made it!!