It’s a wrap.

Day 7  • 
Arrived at Jack London’s Square in Oakland just at 1:45pm. Learned a lot on that trip. Huge swell, breaking, at the entrance of the Golden Gate Bridge. Thanks to Rod for the opportunity!!

Leaving Monterey at 9pm tonight

Day 5  • 
Weather opened a window for us. We are leaving Monterey at 9pm tonight. Final destination is Oakland. All is ready onboard, we can’t wait to be on the ocean for this final leg.

Arrival Monterey Bay

Day 5  • 
Making great progress towards Monterey bay. interesting sea states. 3 different directions. One of them is up to 12 feet high. Rolling.

End of day 3

Day 3  • 
Beautiful ocean again today. Going against wind and waves but catamaran is very smooth. Big change of conditions when we passed Point Conception. Wind went up to 20 knots and we sliced the incoming waves at 45 deg angle for easier ride. Now wind is down to 5 knots and it’s a pleasure. Lots of clouds...

Pause in Santa Barbara

Day 4  • 
We had a good run from Dana Point to Santa Barbara. Wind went down around 10pm which gave us a smoother ride. Took us 23 hours which was our estimate. We are still on the 2-hours on, 2-hours off. Arrived to fuel at 6:30am in the Marina. Now we just anchored out to eat breakfast and a shower, then w...

On the way to Santa Barbara

Day 3  • 
Winds increased from 6 knots to 17 knots throughout the day and the boat handled it well. Warm enough at the pilot station to take my shirt off. great moment with a pod of dolphins that stayed for 15 minutes playing with us. pretty bumpy as I write this but Rod tells me it should die down soon for a...

Dana Point to Santa Barbare

Yesterday, New Year’s Eve, I went to take a nap at 6:30pm. I was tired of the first 24 hours of 2h shifts. Woke up past midnight. Haha. Wasn’t going to start cooking at that hour so skipped diner and went back to sleep. Woke up a few times but back to sleep. The boat is not moving a bit and that hel...

Too much wind for tonight

Day 2  • 
We have pulled in originally in Dana Point's marina in order to buy some groceries, refuel the tanks, and say hi to Rod's parents. The weather forecast is too strong for Rod's taste, winds at 25-30 and gusting 35-40 knots. We decided to stay put here for the afternoon and evening, and take off durin...