1 Week Completed + First Bath

Day 8  • 
🇺🇸 - Today is one week completed. Yesterday I washed myself entirely. Felt good. I think I have fungus growing under my fingernails. The water was an amazing deep blue today. The boat is doing great. I love being out here I feel so peaceful and love being in the ocean with the wildlife. I feel stron...

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Day 7  • 
Listening to this now https://www.deezer.com/track/823182142

NW Wind + Swell

Day 7  • 
🇺🇸 - I did great on the water yesterday! It was a NW wind and swell. By paddling just the right angle, I could go SW as I wanted. I'm a surfski paddler and I read waves. I found a great angle on the waves. Wind:17 knots today, 19 knots tomorrow and 20 after. 🇫🇷 - Belle journée sur l'eau hier avec un...

Moonfish + Albatross

Day 6  • 
🇺🇸 - Great day yesterday. Stopped paddling at 7 pm for sleep in my cocoon with 360 degree ocean view. Sea legs and appetite acquired. Saw albatross and moonfish. Weather is great, winds up to 14mph so far. Not too cold. Still wear foul gear (sailing) top and waterproof suspenders. Switch to shorts w...

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Day 5  • 
Pour toi Maman que j'aime de tout mon cœur. https://www.deezer.com/track/136806228

Getting my Sea Legs

Day 5  • 
🇺🇸 - Good milage yesterday, not easy seas. Doing my best, definitely pushing my limits. I think I'm doing fine. Had an issue with my back hatch at 2 am yesterday. It got filled with water somehow and started leaking into the cabin. I patched it. Water maker making a weird noise but is ok. Did 12 hou...

Car Talk + Bird Friends

Day 4  • 
🇺🇸 - Quiet day for the first half of the day yesterday- I did 12 hours of paddling. Sea is getting tougher. Wind and swell are coming from NW and I need to go S- so I need to find the right angle. All ok. Was able to poop for the first time and listening to Car Talk. When I woke up there was a bird...

Day 3

Day 3  • 
🇺🇸 Foggy all day. Saw lots of whales, sunfish and albatros. Need some sleep. Still no pooping. Was seasick and vomited but ok now. Drank lots electrolytes. Freeze dried food doesn't go down so i'm eating bars. I'll adapt, need a few more days and patience. Gonna get some sleep. Sea anchor is attache...

Day 2

Day 2  • 
🇺🇸 Slept on and off every hour or so. Several container ships passed by. Closest was 1 mile so I didn't have to move to call. Current took me north. It's ok. 🇫🇷 J'ai dormi presque toutes les heures. Plusieurs porte-conteneurs sont passés. Le plus proche était à 1 mile, donc je n'ai eu ni à manoeuvre...

Day 1

Day 1  • 
🇺🇸 Stopped for today. Did 12.5 hours paddling. Tired but happy. West wind could take me back to the coast so I set my small sea anchor. All good. Will rest now. 🇫🇷 C'est bon pour aujourd'hui ! Après 12,5 heures d'efforts je suis fatigué mais heureux. Il y a un risque que le vent d'ouest me ramène en...