First day of the new adventure!!

Captain Rod picked me up at home at 6h15am and we took off to SFO. Tilden, the other crew member is in the car as well. I can see instantly that we will get along just fine!!! I can feel those things!

So weird to be in SFO airport. Nobody there, compared to what "it used to be". Easy flight to San Diego, a couple hours to wait then we take off to fly to Cabo, Mexico. There seem to be more people in San Diego airport for some reason. First time I keep my face mask on for so long. I normally just wear it for grocery shopping. Several hours in a row.... Not comfortable but that's very doable. Everyone is respectful and does it, that's great. I have used hand sanitizer about 20 times.

We get a rental car then grab a bite to eat before hitting the road. Ceviche, Modelo Especial, 2 tacos de pescado. Perfect acclimatization. We start to talk about the sailing matter. Rod knows everything so we will have to follow his recommendations and instructions. I feel so lucky to be part of this journey.

2h20 later, after having crossed basically a continuous desert filled with cactuses (is that the plural of cactus?), we arrive in La Paz, checking in at the hotel we will be staying for 2 nights, prepping the boat.

We meet the owner of the boat and go for a nice diner together. Fresh fish tartare as an appetizer and catch of the day as an entree... I see where these 10 days are heading in term of food. (Tilden, a surfer in Santa Cruz, brought his fishing rod, so we will certainly have fresh sushi during the trip!! yeah).

It was a good day. Traveling again felt weird, but felt great!! I was missing it, although I had not realized until now. Tomorrow 6am we meet early to go visit the boat and do a first inventory of the boat, to then head to purchase our food supply for the 10 days.